Wifi Module for Micro:bit IoT Series [M202-01A]

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This module is created for our IoT workshop. If you are interested to purchase one, feel free to leave us a message here to find out more details & instructions about this product.

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Wifi expansion module designed for Micro:bit. The module contains an ESP8266 WiFi Module with integrated TCP/IP protocol stack that can give any microcontroller access to your WiFi network. In addition, it is added with the following features:
1. Buzzer / Speaker
2. DHT 11 (temperature and humidity sensor)
3. LDR (light sensor)

This module comes with either the Default ESP8266 AT firmware or TomatoCube*’s custom firmware. Using TomatoCube* custom firmware within the WIFI module will make communicating with an existing framework such as Blynk (IoT), OpenWeather API, Internet Time(NTP) & Telegram API (Messaging App) a breeze. And, did we mention that all these can be accomplished by using just a simple Micro:bit MakeCode Extension?