Tomato Cube* Arduino® Wireless Smart Home IoT Shield [M201-01A]

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Ever wish you can do more with your existing Arduino® Uno board? Why not invent your own unique IoT (Internet of Things) invention & use it to control your existing home electrical appliances?

Now you can! With this easy to assemble electronics kit, you will be making an Arduino R3 compatible shield, which will turn your Arduino Uno into a mega WIFI IoT experimenter’s tool-kit.

In addition to connect to the WIFI internet, the shield would also be able to
(i) Sense Light
(ii) Sense human intruder
(iii) Receive RF wireless signals
(iv) Send RF wireless control signals
(v) communicate with your Smart Phone Apps
(vi) communicate with your Google Assistance
(viii) or even talking to your Roomba!!

Our free activity E-Book will guide you through the PCB board assembly process & effortlessly start you off through various Arduino topics related to IoT. Once you have gone through the projects in the E-Book, you will be able to engineer & invent your own innovative IoT Projects that is controlled through your iOS or Android smart phone with almost no prior programming experience.


What is included in this purchase:
(i) One blank printed circuit board and all the required electronics components to complete the IoT Shield for your Arduino® (as shown in the first picture)
(ii) Soldering guide and IoT projects E-Book will be sent to you electronically once you have purchased the kit

What tools would you need to complete this D.I.Y. kit:
– Soldering Iron
– Soldering Lead
– Wire Cutter
– Soldering Iron Stand

If you do not have the above tools yet, you may purchase them via the below link:


What other modules would you need to complete the Smart Home IoT Project:
(i) Arduino® Uno board
(ii) Wireless Accessories. Depending on your usage scenario, you can get some 433Mhz RF devices & sensors as below:
– RF Receptacle ( )
– RF Button ( )
– RF Door Sensor ( )

Option “Fully Assembled” is now available:
If you need help to solder and put all the parts together for your IoT shield, you can select the option “Fully Assembled”. We will assemble the IoT shield before shipping it out to you.