TomatoCube* Electronic Dice Board (Reprogrammable) – Soldering Practice Kit

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The purpose of this learning kit is to enable you to learn and practice the basics of through-hole soldering. This kit has been carefully designed to include all commonly used through-hole components in today’s electronics maker world.

Once you have completed the soldering, power up your PCB circuit into a USB socket! The ATTINY micro-controller used with the circuit has been Pre-Programmed with a few functionalities:
1) Dice
2) Timer
3) Stop Watch
4) S.O.S. MorseCode flasher

What is included in this purchase:
– One blank printed circuit board and all required electronics components to complete the Dice board (as shown in the first picture)
– Soldering guide and Dice board user manual will be sent to you electronically once you have purchased the kit

What tools would you need to complete this kit:
– Soldering Iron
– Soldering Lead
– Wire Cutter
– Soldering Iron Stand

If you do not have the above tools yet, you may purchase them via the below link:

Soldering Iron Kit with Adjustable USB Soldering Iron