Papercraft Mosque (Masjid) Decoration / Night Light for micro:bit or Arduino

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Paper is an extremely versatile material. This Paper-craft low polygon Mosque ???? demonstrates a unique sculptural use of the paper material in constructing an adorable 3D model.
However, our designer didn’t stop there. Using a micro:bit or an Arduino to control the different aspects of the model, such as its internal RGB lighting, generating melodies, and providing interactivity, will surely bring hours of cross-curricular fun & learning to anyone constructing the miniature Paper-craft model.

The project box kit consists of everything you need to complete the paper-craft model. Each paper card stock is carefully designed & laser cut to the utmost precision; all electronics wiring is terminated with unique connectors that work flawlessly with the micro:bit edge connector & Arduino. Most importantly, the project kit is accompanied by a detailed set of instructions that will walk you through the assembly and cover the coding in detail.

Being paper in nature means the Paper-craft model can be further “enhanced.” So, unleash your imagination & creativity to decorate, modify and paint the miniature to suit your taste! We have included some free stuff in the box to get you started!

This product is proudly designed and assembled in Malaysia by TomatoCube*.

Included in the box
Non Electronics items:
• 4 x Pre-laser-cut Paper card stocks.
• 2 x Custom SLA 3D printed parts.
• 1x Laser-cut Acrylic Masjid Crescent
• 1 x Plastic Paper Scoring Tool
• 1 x Ruler
• 1 x Tube of Paper Glue
• 1 x Adhesive Tack-it Putty
• 5 x Screw & Nut sets
• 1 x Philips Screwdriver

Electronics items:
(Wiring harnesses are terminated with either micro:bit ring terminals or electrical metal ferrules for screw terminal. Please specify during purchase)

• 1x Neopixel single pixel PCB (Masjid Crescent) with wiring harness
• 1 x Neopixel LED strip (Building) with wiring harness
• 1 x NEC Coded Infra-red remote controller fob
• 1 x Masjid peripheral Interface PCB with an IR receiver & a single push button tactile switch
• 1 x AA battery box with power switch
• 2 x AA Battery (Batteries will not be included for east Malaysia due to logistic restrictions)
• 1 x Arduino R3 compatible shield (Included for option “Arduino” only)

Guided software projects
• Remotely Controllable Table Light
• Automatic Night Light
• Music Box

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Important Note
This PaperCraft Mosque requires a microcontroller board to function (either a micro:bit or an Arduino Uno compatible board). If you’d like to include the board, please select the option accordingly during checkout.