MakeCode Arcade Shield for micro:bit [P212-01A]

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TomatoCube MakeCode Arcade shield is a portable handheld device which brings the world of game programming to all micro:bit users. Anyone with an existing BBC micro:bit V2 board ? can reuse its processing capability by combining it with the MakeCode Arcade Shield as an alternative to getting a full standalone MakeCode Arcade console with an ARM processor onboard. Finally, you can learn programming by creating engaging retro-style games without the complexity of dealing with any computer jargons or rigid coding syntaxes. This product is proudly designed and assembled in Malaysia by TomatoCube*. ??


What is MakeCode Arcade?
MakeCode Arcade is a 2D-focused game development platform developed & maintained by Microsoft®. With a block-based games programming environment, MakeCode Arcade is well suited for young adults curious about coding & game development yet afraid to deal with traditional complex, cryptic & tedious text-based programming. Once you have completed your game, transfer it into a MakeCode Arcade compatible hand-held game device to see it in action. Live! ?


Important Note
This MakeCode Arcade Shield requires a micro:bit v2 board to function. Please select option “with micro:bit v2” if you’d like to purchase the shield with a micro:bit board as well.


For those who are interested in our standalone MakeCode Arcade Console (non-micro:bit version), you can check out the link here:


Technical Specification

Hardware Specification:
• Power Source:USB-C (5V) or Rechargeable Lithium battery pack(3.7~4.2V) 400mAH [included]

Onboard Peripherals:
• Game Control : 1 analog joystick, 2 Silicon action push button switches
• System Control : 1 Menu push button switch, 1 Power slider switch
• Display : 1.8” Color TFT LCD screen
• Sound : micro:bit onboard amplifier with speaker
• Indicator : 1 Power indicator LED indicator, 1 Multicolor lithium battery charging indicator

Other Accessories:
• 1 x Type-C to USB-A data cable
• 1 x Laser-cut acrylic protection backing
• 1 x Fabric Pouch

Document / Guide: User Quick Start Guide