TomatoCube* MakeCode Arcade Console

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Introducing MakeCode Arcade console. A fully programable portable handheld device. We’ll show you how to code retro games & even mega-hits, using MakeCode. An online web platform created and maintained by Microsoft®. With these fantastic tools (console and the web tool), you can learn the fundamental of coding while creating engaging games. And the best part is that; You won’t ever need to deal with any complex, tedious computer languages.

Exposing kids to coding early in life better prepares them for the future & it goes beyond just learning how to code. It helps strengthen their analytical thinking, problem-solving, critical thinking, social skills, self-management & even their academic skills (Mainly in Science & Maths).

Learn to code your retro game; play your classic games; share your creations with your peers. What an incredible skill, a fantastic thing to learn & do!

This product is proudly designed and assembled in Malaysia by TomatoCube*.

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Document / Guide: User Quick Start Guide

Hardware Specification:

  • MCU:STM32F411CEU6, 32-bit ARM Cortex M4
  • Operating voltage: 3V3
  • Supply voltage:USB(5V), Lithium battery pack(3.7~4.2V) 200mAH (included)

Onboard Peripherals: 

  • Game Control : 1 analog joystick, 2 Silicon action push button switches
  • System Control : 1 Reset push button tactile switch, 1 Menu push button tactile switch
  • Display : LCD: 1.8” Color TFT LCD screen
  • Sound : Onboard Amplifier with build in 7.5mm x 7.5mm speaker
  • Jacdac : 1 Multiplayer/external peripheral connector
  • Indicator : 1 Power indicator LED indicator, 1 Multicolor lithium battery charging indicator, 1 USB activity LED indicator, 1 Jacdac communication LED indicator


  • 1 available expansion ports for i2c accelerometer, 1 miscellaneous expansion port.