Jr. STEM Education Project Learning Bundle (Smart Home IoT with Micro:bit)[B202-01A]

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This bundle is created for our IoT workshop. If you are interested to purchase one, feel free to leave us a message here to find out more details & instructions about this product.



Thinking of making your kid Future ready? We have the perfect STEM inventor learning bundle for you! This Jr. STEM Education learning bundle includes everything you will need to Engineer & Invent your own gizmos which could be both useful & up to date. Our plug and play learning bundle includes a variety of components that enable you to easily build and connect various devices to the internet safely. All you have left to do is focus on active STEM learning activities and marvel at the wonderful invention you build at the end.

Our current bundle revolves around Micro:bit, it is a wonderful platform perfect for kids age 8 and above. it the best solution for kids to get hands-on experience with electronics, programming, assembling, integration, and various other STEM knowledge. With Micro:bit and its online MakeCode Block Editor, you can drag and drop blocks of code to create your program. This makes it both fun and easy for beginners to code, which ultimately encourages learning among kids.

Our free activity E-Book that guides kids to start their own scientific exploration on different topics. And we are continually adding more project ideas to the collections.

I guarantee you that it is going to be a fun activity for the whole family. You and your kid are sure to love learning together and working through multiple projects. Ultimately what will bring about the greatest smile is the IoT gizmos created that could be installed & used reliably at home on a daily basis!!

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  • 1 x IoT (Internet of Things) expansion board for Micro:bit
  • 1 x 433Mhz Wireless Micro:bit bridge
  • 1 x 433Mhz Wireless home appliance relay receptacle
  • 1 x 433Mhz Wireless momentary push-button switch
  • 1 x 433Mhz Wireless security motion sensor
  • 2 x 433Mhz Wireless security door sensors
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 3 x Jumper Cable
  • E-book containing getting started guide and projects

This project bundle will require a Micro:bit, if you do not have a Micro:bit board, please pick an option labeled “With Micro:bit” If you already have this project bundle before, and you would like to purchase additional devices/sensors, you may check out our other listing in the store.


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