USB Programmable Eid Table Top Display

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For Malaysian shopper, we are happy to inform you that this product is also available on Shopee.






1x WCH CH552, 8051 Core with USB 2.0 Support. (Support Arduino IDE with C compatibility)
7x Programable LEDs.
2x Capacitive touch sensor pad.
1x Onboard Piezo speaker.
1x Rechargeable Lithium battery onboard.
1x Adjustable M3 screw Kickstand on the rear.

Comes pre-programmed with 7 tunes.
Online Zoom coding workshop.
Talk to us to print your custom wishes on the PCB.
Talk to us to join our Beta cloud development env.


You can reprogram the behavior of this table top display on a computer web browser! You will need a regular data Micro-USB cable to connect the board to your computer. In case you do not have a Micro-USB cable yet, you can add “Add on: USB Cable” to you cart too upon check out.

In order to help you to kick start with the programming, we will conduct an online live workshop during the Raya holiday; please leave us a message via Shopee or Facebook to sign up for the workshop:

Thank You

This product marks yet another step forward towards our goal of creating a low-cost development board for orphans & kids from lower income group family. Here we would like to thank everyone for your continued support & involvement into refining of this project.