Eid Badge – an Electronics Badge to celebrate Raya with your loved ones (with programmable option)

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Celebrating Eid al-Fitr as we do in the past can be challenging, especially when you are miles away from your loved ones or home country. In case you are looking for some meaningful gift for your loved ones, look no further. This Raya, TomatoCube* has released a coin cell battery-powered, lightweight electronics badge. You can attach it to your bag, clothing, cap, or anywhere (up to your creativity)! ?

?????: This badge is also programmable! You can modify the lighting and even compose your own melody/song! ? All you need is a programming dongle, and join us for the online workshop for FREE (a RM120 value!) to learn how to program your badge with the popular Arduino® software ^^

We wish you and your family a very happy Eid, and Selamat Hari Raya ♥



This Raya badge is added with programmable features to inspire learning while sending love and wishes during this festive season.
????????? ????: If you’d like to reprogram the badge, please select the “Badge + Programmer” option. This option includes the UPDI programming dongle, which allows you to connect the badge to your computer for programming.

In order to help you to kick start with the programming, we will conduct an online live workshop during the Raya holiday; please leave us a message here or via Facebook to sign up for the workshop.

Celebrate this Raya with a gorgeous STEM learning electronics badge!



– Specially designed for Raya 2021, Limited Edition with limited quantity
– Direct power from a coin cell battery
– Built-in Arduino Compatible MCU (MCU Model: ATTINY1614)
– Peripheral Onboard the Raya Badge:
(a) LED Power indicator: 1 x LED
(b) Programmable Single Color LED: 7 x different color LED
(c) Main Power Switch: 1 x Slider Switch
(d) Push Button: 2 x Tactile Switch
(e) Onboard Piezo Buzzer/Speaker: 1
(f) Programming terminals: (GND/VCC/UART) 1 each
(g) Battery: 1 x 2032 Coin Cell
(h) Other: 1 x Cloth Brooch Pin
– Preloaded with Demo Program (with *4 songs)

* Preloaded demo program might change in the final product with additional songs.


This product is proudly designed and assembled in Malaysia by TomatoCube*.