Programmable Chinese New Year Greeting Card [P210-01]

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Once again, the Chinese New Year festival is just around the corner. Despite being the biggest celebration of the year for all Chinese worldwide, there is still much uncertainty with the global coronavirus pandemic still spreading like wild-fire around us. Daily!

Celebrating the Chinese New Year as we do in the past can be challenging, especially when you are miles away from your loved ones or home country. In case you are alone & looking for some meaningful activity to burn through your holidays, look no further. In honor of the Metal Ox Year, we have released a CNY (Chinese New Year) edition of our low-cost programable greetings card.

Celebrate Chinese New Year this year with a gorgeous STEM learning electronics board!

You are welcome to join our online live workshop on Feb 10th; we will announce the information via this link:
The user guides on how to program your CNY card will also be released on the same day via the above link.

May this Chinese New Year brings you good health, happiness and prosperity!

    • Programmable PCB
    • Specially designed for CNY 2021, Limited Edition with limited quantity
    • Direct power from your computer USB port or power bank
    • Built-in Arduino Compatible MCU (MCU Model: CH552)
    • Peripheral Onboard the CNY Card:
        • LED indicator: 1 x LED
        • Programmable Single Color LED: 6 x different color LED
        • RGB LED: 1 x Neopixel (WS2812B)
        • Capacitive TouchPad: 2
        • Onboard Piezo Buzzer/Speaker: 1
        • PCB CardEdge USB male plug (Type A): 1
    • USB Driver Support:
        • Compatible & tested with Windows & MacOS
        • Standard USB Serial (CDC) driver for communication
        • Bootloader uses libusb-win32 driver or windows build-in WinUSB driver
    • Preloaded with Demo Program
    • Free online course to program it


? We’d like to give a special shout out for a very talented Indonesian illustrator/Artist Awan Trisnawati
She is the designer behind the Cow/Ox/Bison on Design C card.
We get to know her when we purchase the art license via shutterstock. Isn’t it just soooo cute!! **
Do support her too if you like her artworks.