Who We Are?

Apart from years of working as a technical consultant, we have years of experience conducting technical training targetting both graduate students as well as working adult engineers. But to properly teach our unique type of maker-oriented workshops, our team is someone who has always lived our life as a living embodiment of a Maker/Hacker.


After conducting technical training workshops for adult engineers for years, we have personally witnessed a drastic drop in the motivation of being an engineer/creator, the passion for continuous learning and experimentation is almost non-existence.
While delivering the message that being a maker/coder/engineer is no longer confined to the realm of the geeks, we shifted our attention to focus on younger children in hopes of inspiring & keeping the flame burning before it is being extinguished.


All our workshops and projects are designed to inspire rather than intimidate. Thus the learning will involve more fun, engaging, practical hands-on than boring theory. We will only talk about theory when it is absolutely necessary, and they will be capped at “Just-enough”. And, by adopting learning by doing, everyone will bring home with their own creations by the end of the workshop.

Our Passion

Tomato Cube’s goal is to give younger audiences the skills and knowledge needed to make an informed decision about their educational choices and future career options.

Through our workshops, we hope that we are not only inspiring young minds but manage to connect examples from the real world & provides a context on how school taught STEM skills could be applied.

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